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How to Live a Life Without Plastic

It Is very important that we take care of our earth for this is home. This will mean taking care of the environment by not polluting and keeping it clean. But there iis so much pollution of the environment that is bringing about diseases and making the resources that the earth to be depleted. Pollution will cause the lands not to be fertile and this will make the food not to grow as well as it should which is a main cause for many going hungry. The air that we breath in and the water that we drink will decrease in quality with so much pollution. Pesticides and insecticides also have a negative effect on water and the soil as well. The biggest problem when it comes to pollution is plastics. Everywhere that you look you will find a lot of plastics. When companies are packaging their products then they will choose to use plastic materials. When a lot of plastic accumulate in one place then they will be harmful to the plants, animals and the people around the area. There is a chain reaction when it comes to the effect of plastics they affect the oceans and as a result the marine life will begin to die and then the people that depend on this for their daily living will then have no way to earn a living. There plastic are consumed by the small organisms in the water then they are consumed by the larger ones which then we fish to eat and this will then translate to us. The effects that come with the use of plastics are so many to mention all. You will need to do a lot of research so that you can better understand the effects that you cause to the environment when you are using the plastic. Reduction of plastic is an individual responsibility this is how you can help by playing your part.

The first thing to do is recycling. There are plastics that are ideal to use for different purposes not only the one they were made for. When you do not throw away every piece of plastic then you reduce the possibility of the plastic accumulating.

The other thing is reducing the use of plastic. Start with stopping the use of plastic bags when you go shopping there are other kinds that re more friendly to the environment. The small changes like if you lie straws you can get a steel one that you can re use in many occasions this are the things that will make all the difference in the long run.

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