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Great Summer Playlists

There are many iconic songs that are good for the summer. Summer is a time for road trips, grill outs, and parties and these activities would not be complete without great music to listen to. There ae many song suggestions below that are ideal for the summer time.

An an online search can lead you to many great songs that you can include in your playlist during the summer.

There is a unique music criterion for the summer. Songs that would fit your summer activities are those songs that are light, uplifting, and positive. Here are some song suggestions that you should include in your summer playlist.

The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun is a great summer song. The Beatles themselves have wonderful harmonies together. There are a lot of great songs in their albums that most people love. With the song Here Comes the Sun, your playlist can be brightened. This is a great welcome to the summer for people who live in places with rough winters.

The Meters’ Cissy Strut is another great summer music. This is great funk music which you can’t go wrong about. One of the greatest foundational funk bands of all time is The Meters. The song Cissy Strut can brighten up your mood and get everyone involved in the activity. When playing volleyball or football, this type of funk music is really great to listen to.

Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth Choir’s Like a Ship is a great modern gospel song which blends funk, gospel, and R and B. This song is uplifting and groovy. This song with a Christian message has a good beat.

Another great song to listen to during the summer is Mac Demarco’s Salad Days. If you talk modern indie rock, then Mac Demarco is one of its pioneers. Its sound is iconic, and many young guitar players have found inspiration in it. Music is this album is characterized as uplifting, whimsical, goofy, quality and thought-provoking. This is how you would want your summer to be.

Salad Days is the title track of Demarco’s album which is very popular. This song is a story of a young man who has to grow up and deal with life while retaining optimism for better or for worse. If you hear this song, then you can think of your life in it.

It is important to have headphones when you listen to this song so check it out! Music creators think headphones when they create music. This is not the same with past music creators because it was through the vinyl that their sons were heard.

A beautiful, iconic, peaceful music is Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. This 70’s songwriter creates great lyrical content and superb guitar playing. The atmospheric music it creates is great for summer.