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Unpleasant American Common Customs When You Travel Abroad

These tips are basically to enlighten you on some of the surprising things which are norms in the U.S. Those things that are treated as norms and which can be seen as strange acts by other people are explained on this page.

It is a norm in America to tip in any place that you have been served singly. Failure to do so then you will be seen to be so ungrateful and very rude. This does not happen in other countries where the employees believe in what they do, and so they do not expect any incentives.

In America, if you are in a taxi, you are not allowed to sit in the front with the chauffeur. In other countries, this kind of behaviors is termed as rude and unacceptable. In most countries, you sitting at the back of the cab shows that you are undermining the driver.

You can involve more than one person in bill payment while in the U.S. This behavior is unacceptable in other countries like France. It is mandatory that you choose one person to pay the bill of every member in that particular group.

In some countries, it’s an offense to use the left hand even though it’s not a very big deal in the US. The reason for this is that in some African regions and Asian counties, the left was assigned for use in sanitary activities thus taken to be dirty. You ought to follow the way of the people when you are in such places hence hot use the left hand for greetings.

There is a different meaning of the American peace sigh culture in some nations in Europe. In the US, such a gesture means peace although in those areas, its obscene and has a meaning that is similar to that of the middle finger.

There some societies in the globe which do not accept the use of the bull horn sigh that is a custom in the US. Just as this sign is used for fun in the US, it is not fun at all to other societies. That the wife is a cheat, is the exact meaning of this gesture when used in South America and some of the European nations.

Its not a big issue to refuse a food offer in the US. Such refusal could be for the reason that you are personally not okay to consume the food at that time. Refusing a food offer is taken to be rude in Asia since its part of the culture.

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