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Learning More About The Role And Job Of A Mammography Technician

Experts who are tasked with Manning a mammography unit, they have to produce images of the breasts which are needed for diagnostic reasons, usually they do that under supervision of a qualified physician. They are also involved in explaining the process to the patients, immobilizing as well as positioning the breast of the patient and observing the entire process of scanning. As if that is not enough, they are also supposed to monitor the video display of the part being scanned, and have to adjust the resolution to enhance the quality of the picture.

Above all that, the experts are supposed to evaluate and review the image recording plate so that they can only produce pictures that would meet the required diagnostic requirements. As they conduct all these they need special clothing, protection devices and more so, the radiation safety measures, that is according to rules and regulations by the government and also they must be safe and their patients as well. Its a no joke field, you have to maximize your efforts, it’s very demanding. First of all, you need to be a qualified X-ray technician. So the first criteria is making sure that you have X-ray knowledge.

Once you have that requirement, then you can get that chance to delve into mammography. Another requirement is that after you enroll for the training, you will have to make sure that you qualify for a degree certified in mammography. That would be good to get you going. More training is also required. The advanced training is composed of breast physiology and anatomy. All those undertaking the course will have up to do twenty-five examinations which they must make sure they pass, the exams are supervised by a qualified instructor, ensure that you pass them as well to qualify the job.

The job typically is very demanding both physically and mentally. In their ordinary course of duty they are required to expend their efforts to minimize radiation exposure and make sure they are getting proper images of the parts so that they are suitable for the diagnostic purposes. It’s tough, but it’s worth it, you earn quite much. According to reports, the highest technician gets at least fifty-eight thousand dollars annually with the lowest earner about forty-seven thousand dollars.

They are supposed to maintain the tools of work. Its a must that they clean and safe keep their equipment. These things are not cheap; they need care for them to serve you. The technicians also are charged with dealing with patients. Have to support the patients by offering explanations as needed. Other duties are getting imaging, evaluating, and training too. Check out the role and job of a mammography technician.