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Medication Free Anxiety Relieving Techniques

When you have the life pressures like thinking about the family, bills and the work you may end up being anxious which makes life even more difficult. When you have anxiety, medications relieving it should not be one of the options because they have the side effects. When you do not want to use the medication in the relieving of the anxiety you can learn how to control it.

Anxiety comes when you are stressed, and you need to take note of the negative emotions that get when you are stressed and the thoughts that accompany it to realize how to get rid of these negative energy. Use the negative thought feelings together with the reality testing and you will realize all the time the thoughts you had was not based on the reality and you can uncreate it. When you do not want to use the medication to ease the anxiety you are advised to use the herbs and the species that have been proven to work effectively.

Try out the aromatherapy in helping to ease the anxiety and choose the oils that will make you calm down your mind and relax. When you are sleeping you need to have a quick sleep, and therefore it is best to put some oil drops under the pillow, and when you apply it to the skin, it can be used as a muscle relaxant. If you are sued to stay awake trying to catch up with the to-do list of things you ought to stop and maintain a healthy sleep because the lack of sleeping increases the anticipatory brain reaction which upon your anxiety levels.

Reduce the activities before you go to bed and also reduce the noise in the bedroom as a way of maintaining a good sleeping hygiene to minimize the anxiety. There is more about correct dosage here. Always minimize the use of the coffees to minimize the amount of caffeine intake because it increases the nervous energy that can trigger an anxiety attack.

Skipping of the meals is not a recommended thing because it will only make the anxiety worse because of the rise in the blood sugars dropping causing the release of the stress hormone. Nervousness is the symptom of the anxiety that is caused by the high amounts of the sugar in the body thus you should limit the sugar intake. If you need better ways to chill out and reduce anxiety when you are stressed, then you should consider practicing some of the above practices.